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i got out of bed at 11:30 to make this

it was worth it

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  • Lana called Regina, Emma and Henry a family.
  • Lana said Regina and Emma’s interactions can be perceived as sexual by the audience. 
  • Lana said that Swan Queen is an obvious ship.
  • Lana gave us conformation that her and Jen casually text each other about Swan Queen.
  • Lana said her and Jen would wear matching Swan Queen sweaters.

If you are upset about this interview because she  mentioned SQ was not A&E’s original vision, I really respect you but I don’t understand. These are statements we have been waiting for so long for. Yes, Adam and Eddy didn’t go into Once Upon a Time with the idea of Emma and Regina as a couple. That doesn’t mean we don’t have the power to change their vision. We KNOW they’ve changed things in the past and they could do so again. Emma, Regina and Henry as a family is freaken canon. Lana couldn’t go into this interview and tell us that SQ is going to happen. She would be fired if she did. She even mentioned she wants to stay employed, lol. I am going to enjoy these beautiful, beautiful words from an interview Lana was in no way obligated to do. WE HAVE SO COME FAR AND I AM SO HAPPY.

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